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Live aboard Survey with Scuba Diver AustralasiaA live aboard dive holiday is the ultimate choice for the dedicated diver and underwater photographers. However there are some important issues to consider prior to making a reservation. Make a bad choice, a dream destination like the Maldives can be an absolute nightmare whereas a good vessel will make a relatively ordinary location like Tioman, Malaysia a memorable and productive experience. Though there is truth in the cliché of you only get what you pay for, in a competitive market, some boats strive to offer extra value, service and overall exceed the standard of the norm.

Why Choose a Liveaboard?

First thing that comes to mind – ease of Access. Access to faraway sites and flexibility of early morning, evening and night dives. Generally a live-aboard trip offers better quality diving, and is more productive for underwater photographers. When choosing a live aboard, it is a good idea to seek the recommendation of other like-minded divers that you trust and who have similar standards and interests as yourself. However standards and quality do vary with time; boats age, crews change and the ability of the owners to maintain the standard and quality of the boat.

Important Considerations and Important Questions to ask.

These are areas where there are variations from boat to boat and the answers can make all the difference to making an average trip good, a good trip great and a bad trip a nightmare.

Checklist of Minimum Standards

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