Sea Snake Ball

My husband had the most interesting experience diving on the Yongala. Most of the divers were all ready overboard. My husband and dive master were ready to enter the water when they observed a sea snake eating the tidbits thrown overboard by seasick passengers who where too sick to dive.

The dive master screamed "he's balling, he's balling!" The snake suddenly contracted into a ball and started sinking. A shadow approached from the depths and with a sudden splash, the snake was gone. They couldn't determine what kind of critter swallowed the snake whole, but hoped it wasn't big enough to eat them as they jumped in.

My husband noticed something strange in the water. As he sank to begin his dive, he said it was like being in an underwater snowstorm. Little bits of, most likely, sea snake scales rained down around him.

Definately an experience to remember.

Bearzabout Michigan, USA

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