"What are you looking at."

"What are you looking at."

Rock cod hiding in the sponge Taken with a Sony T3 at close range you can even see the lenses that cover the eyes. These fishes are fearless and if approached slowly you can get so close. Taken at Bare Islands East Wall.
Photocomp Ocotber '05 - Novice


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Seaslugs - Part II. Sidegill slugs and Sap-sucking slugsSeaslugs - Part II. Sidegill slugs and Sap-sucking slugs
In this article I will introduce you to the next two in hierarchical sequence. Seaslugs are indeed fascinating creatures and are a favorite for many photographers. They do not move about very quickly at all, which is a characteristic that makes them easy subjects to shoot. Often it is not the case of 'the one that got away', but the case of 'Oh no! I have run out of film again!'.
Underwater Card 2