Coffs Harbour

Nippers on the beach - Photo courtesy Tourism NSW

Coffs Harbour is famed for its Big Banana, its beaches, and its rainforest. The swimming is magnificent, and the fish are almost always jumping. There are also beautiful nature trails to explore and whale watching cruises to enjoy. Adventure seekers can get a rush from whitewater rafting on the Nymboida River, while the sophisticates amongst us can kick back and relax with a holiday cocktail or well-chilled glass of white at one of Coffs Harbour's resorts or open-air bistros.

The nearby World Heritage-listed Dorrigo National rewards visitors with spectacular mountain views and a rich pioneer experience. Ride the Plantation Train at the Big Banana - an enduring icon of Australian tourism. Snorkel or scuba dive in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Enjoy a whale-watching cruise.

Chill out on the waterfront. Visit the World Heritage-listed Dorrigo National Park. Get up early to buy fresh seafood from the fish co-op. Tee off from one of the international standard golf courses. Be one of the first to experience the thrill of 'surf rafting' off the beach. Brush the dolphin's teeth or be kissed by a seal at the Pet Porpoise Pool. Most of all, rediscover your sense of fun.

A wealth of Coffs Harbour visitor information is available on the popular web site.

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View over the Harbour - Photo courtesy Tourism NSW
At the beach - Photo courtesy Tourism NSW
Fishing boats - Photo courtesy Tourism NSW

Underwater Recommendations

From Coffs Harbour South Solitary, South West Solitary and Split Solitary, all part of the Solitary Islands Marine Park, can be easily reached. A high variety of marine life can be found around the islands. Here you'll find tropical species live amongst temperate ones.

At the islands you can find turtles, Blue Groupers, cuttle fish, cowries, black coral and table corals and anemone fish. Also the Grey Nurse Sharks do visit this area. These sharks and their important habitats are protected by the Park's comprehensive zoning plan.

Getting There

Coffs Harbour is midway between Sydney and Brisbane, approximately 552km north of Sydney. There is a regional airport and all major bus services drop off here.

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So little girl you want to dive with whales?So little girl you want to dive with whales?
Back in the dim past when I was allowed to dive at my leisure and we didn't have kids, the other half actually used to get wet quite often. Being the generous provider that I am I was nearly always able to swing our holidays to a place that was close to or driving distance to the water ...
Fancy a squid kiss?Fancy a squid kiss?
Once again I was privileged enough to dive with my A team (or should it be eh? team)(Ansdrew Bennett, Amber Nelson, Troy Stefan) on a recent trip to Coffs Harbour.
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