North Coast

The Nut, Stanley - Photo and text courtesy of Tour of Tasmania - <a href=

Tasmania's north coast is one of the state's most prosperous farming areas and a popular tourist destination. The rich, volcanic soil is ideal for the major agricultural activities - vegetable growing (notably potatoes), prime beef and dairy cattle. The major regional centres are Devonport and Burnie.

Some tourist attractions along the coast naturally reflect the agricultural base, including the tulip farm at Table Cape near Wynyard, Tasmanian Honey near Mole Creek, and various specialty cheese factories. Further inland are the the King Solomon and Marakoopa Caves near Mole Creek, wildlife parks and wilderness areas such as Devil's Gullet and Dip Falls at Mawbanna.

The north-east of Tasmania is known for its fertile land and quality timber. Crops such as poppies and hops grow here, and grazing land for sheep is plentiful. A former mining area, relics of that era can still be found in north-eastern towns. Launceston is the largest city in the region.

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Nabowla lavender farm, Scottsdale - Photo courtesy of Tour of Tasmania
Tasmanian craft shop, Longford - Photo courtesy of Tour of Tasmania
Marakoopa cave - Photo courtesy of Tour of Tasmania

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