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Cocos Keeling Islands, a picturesque coral atoll, surrounded by the clean, clear waters of the Indian Ocean, offers visitors beautiful white beaches and palm-lined foreshores. Visit Direction Island, our premier swimming beach or take a lagoon trip to visit one of the other remote, uninhabited islands.

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Photo courtesy of Karen Willshaw - Cocos Solutions
Photo courtesy of the
Christmas Island Tourism Association
Photo courtesy of the
Christmas Island Tourism Association


These islands experience a tropical equatorial climate with wet and dry seasons. The wet season is from December to April. During the rest of the year, the south-east trade winds bring slightly lower temperatures and humidity with much less rain.

The mean annual rainfall is about 2,000 millimetres. Most of this rain falls between November and May. February and March are usually the wettest months.

Because of the oceanic influence, the relative humidity does not vary seasonally as much as rainfall. The average daily maximum temperature reaches a high of 28° Celsius in April and the average daily minimum temperature falls to 22° Celsius in August.

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Diving in Paradise is a sport I am lucky to do most weeks and in many cases, daily. Paradise is a tiny horseshoe shaped coral atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean. For those who haven't a clue where I'm talking about - take out your atlas, draw a horizontal line out from Darwin ...
The 4th Underwater Festival - 2010 The Christmas Island ExperienceThe 4th Underwater Festival - 2010 The Christmas Island Experience
The 2010 Underwater Festival was co-organised with the Christmas Island Tourism Association. Linda Cash, staff members and local volunteers put in a fantastic effort and succeeded gloriously in providing a welcoming atmosphere, great food and social events and a seamless festival for all 34 participants.
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