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A unique blend from the best of the modern world and rich cultures to deliver enriching experiences for the discerning visitor. Shopping is one of the greatest pleasures in Singapore. Part of the fun is the excellent buys and great variety of shops all over the island. Delight in a bargain at a little neighbourhood shop, pick up a quaint item or two as you stroll through colourful ethnic quarters, discover favourite buys of the droves who flock to our modern malls or be enthralled by the splendour of whole shopping "cities" selling everything under the sun. Singapore food is a tasty tale about a country's unique cultural tapestry, and the way individual strands have woven into others, and changed hue in the process. Food preparations that came to Singapore from India, China and other countries in the region may still bear the original names - but they are indelibly transformed by being 'Singaporeanised'.

Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India are testimony to the island-nation's rich ethnic, cultural and historical heritage. The districts are home to religious monuments as well as quaint shophouses selling ethnic goods and cuisine. They provide an insight into the cultural fabric of Singapore and are perhaps the country's truest attractions, having stood the test of time.

While it's true that the two favourite Singaporean pastimes are eating and shopping, sports is also an integral part of the Singaporean lifestyle. Whether it's diving, dirt biking, water-skiing and rock climbing, weekends see throngs of Singaporeans and expatriates working up a sweat.

Images courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board

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Being pampered ...
Sri Thandayuthapani Temple


Singapore has a pleasant, tropical climate year round, varying from an average of 28 - 32 degrees Celsius during the day to 23 - 27 degrees Celsius in the evenings. It is not unusual to have intermittent showers on a sunny day but the showers rarely last long and they provide a cool respite. The rainy season in Singapore is from November till February.

Underwater Recommendations

Most local diving schools conduct courses sanctioned by NAUI or PADI. Day and night diving in local waters and nearby diving spots in Malaysian waters are also available. Then there is of course Underwaterworld ...

Getting There

Most airlines fly to Singapore. In addition you can drive into Singapore from Malaysia or enter via ferry from neighbouring countries. Once there local transport including subway and busses are the most efficient forms of transport.

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