Solomon Islands


The Solomon Islands is third largest archipelago in the South Pacific, comprising 992 islands ranging from large landmasses with rugged mountains and virgin forests, to low lying coral atolls. They are scattered in a double chain of islands covering 1.35 million sq km of sea and extend for 1.667k, in a south-easterly direction from Papua New Guinea. The country's capital, Honiara, is situated on the north-west coast on the island of Guadalcanal.

There are 87 indigenous languages including Melanesian Pidgin English which is used predominantly. English is used and understood throughout the Solomon Islands.

The people of the Solomon Island have a rich culture which observes many traditional "kastoms" which vary from province to province. Please ask about appropriate behaviour and always ask permission before taking pictures of people or places.

Images courtesy of Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau

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ANZAC war memorial
Sunset Cruising


Tropical, with average daytime temperatures around 29 degrees and high humidity. Evenings may be as cool as 19 degrees. There are no defined seasons but November to May are wetter months and squalls and cyclones may occur.

Underwater Recommendations

Mother Nature weaves her watery spell amongst the wrecks of World War II. You will experience an extraordinary array of differing structures and bio-assemblage; including Shallow and deep coral gardens with magnificent drop-offs, ledges and gutters, sharks, all manner of light game fish and an enormous range of reef fish. Turtles and, mantas and eagle rays are common sights, together with friendly Hammerheads. Solomon Islands diving has gained an enviable world-wide reputation that's unsurpassed. Throughout these magic islands is an endless variety of dive sites to suit all tastes and levels of experience.

Getting There

Solomon Airlines is the Solomon Islands national airline and operates one nine-passenger Islander aircraft and two bigger Twin Otters on its busy domestic services. Solomon Airlines also flies to international destinations, linking Honiara with Australia, Vanuatu, Fiji and New Zealand.

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Underwater Digital Video Made EasyUnderwater Digital Video Made Easy
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The Aaron WardThe Aaron Ward
... He told a story of a great battle between the Americans and Japanese where many ships were sunk from both sides and how under terrible conditions the men fought and died, we were totally enthralled couldn't get enough ...
Diving at Uepi - Solomon IslandsDiving at Uepi - Solomon Islands
The Solomon Islands is made up of a group of more than 990 islands that covers in total over 1.35 million square kilometres. Now that's a lot of islands!
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