Essential Digital Underwater Photography Masterclass


By Michael Aw with Mathieu Meur - 2014

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Essential Digital Underwater Photography Masterclass by Michael Aw with Mathieu Meur is a book that serves as a complete underwater photography guide and includes Photoshop techniques for creating inspiring pictures. It starts you off with the basics and channels your creativity to greater heights, guiding you on the path to creating beautiful images beneath the water's surface. It will also help teach you the art form of photography and the essentials of digital imaging. Additionally, the book will open your eyes to the enjoyment of underwater photography.

This volume offers aspiring photographers step-by-step, comprehensive instructions in how to master the art of digital underwater photography and how to capture the best possible images. Both beginners and advanced shooters can benefit from reading and studying it. The book allows you to quickly refer to individual parts that the authors call "modules," in order to acquire knowledge of particular interest to you, or follow the step-by-step How-to sections. Experienced shooters may choose to fast-track the learning process through the masterclass lessons. For easy reference, each module is color-coded.

Paperback - 128 pages - full colour

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