The Convert

A mate said my kit was archaic Stuck with 35 mil and my negs
He offered me one of his new fangled toys
To lend, clipped next to my regs.

He'd volunteered one of his favourites
A Cybershot, silver, P9.
"Its simple to use and light to the touch
A beauty, ahead of its time.

But I knew diddly squat about digital
Maybe I could impress all the boys
So I hearkened, intent to his briefing
As he showed me, his latest of joys.

Now, I always thought pixels were fairies
Under toadstools, out back near the shed.
And how do they fit in the camera?
'Twould be teeming and packed to the head!!

But she comes with Adobe and housing
NOW things are beginning to clear
They must fit in their four mega pixels
In little brick huts, at the rear!

I'd heard before about aperture
It is when you just can't be arsed.
And memory sticks, (had those at school)
To make you learn quicker in class!

I tried it; snapped snapper and swordfish
Panned pilchards, with close-ups of clams.
My fingers did flash 'cross the buttons
Amassing vast measures of RAM.

Well, I was Happy Jack the Snapper
Ecstatic with the snaps I shot
As I punched in all the buttons
To slot the shots I got.

Back on board, we viewed my horde
Flashed on the LCD
Come docking time, we'd picked the prime
For downloadability.

I admit I've got a lot to learn
'fore I'm mpeg empowered
But digital beats three- five mil
My photography's just flowered!

So now I'm just like all the rest
Need digitalization
Make all my shots downloadable
And complete my education.

But I feel I've not quite made it
It appears there is a catch
By my life, its got me buggered
Where to find the film load hatch!

WINNER - Best article October 2003

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