East of Adelaide

Diving, Ewens Ponds - Photo courtesy of Tourism SA

This area is called the Limestone Coast in honour of the bedrock that provides a natural filter for its vineyards. In decay, the limestone also gives the region the unique terra-rossa soil of the Coonawarra, which produces some of the world's best red wines.

The limestone foundation is also responsible for many of the region's World-Heritage listed caves and wetlands of international importance. There are many unexpected wonders in this region of pine forests and extinct volcanoes. Lush pastures lie above a honeycomb of caves that are layered with prehistoric animal fossil deposits while the region's lengthy coastline also offers a variety of experiences.

Beneath the city of Mount Gambier lie caves and sinkholes, above it bustles with shops, restaurants and galleries. Its best-known icon is the Blue Lake, which mysteriously changes colour to deep blue from November to March.

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Scenic View - Photo courtesy of Tourism SA
Pelicans - Photo courtesy of Tourism SA
Big Lobster, Kingston - Photo courtesy of Tourism SA

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Ewens Pond, South AustraliaEwens Pond, South Australia
Mt. Gambier in South Australia is a region filled with stunning freshwater lakes filtered by limestone, cave diving and extinct volcanoes. For divers without Cave qualifications Ewens Ponds beckons.
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