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Puerto Galera Dive Trip
by DebL added 2006-09-10
The 12th August 2006 was an exciting day for 16 holiday makers from Vision Divers as they headed off to explore the island of Mindoro in the Philippines, and in particular to dive at Puerto Galera.
Whyalla Cuttlefish Trip 2006
by DebL added 2006-09-06
On Friday the 16th June, a group of divers headed over to Whyalla, South Australia on the long-awaited trip to witness the world renowned event of Australian Giant Cuttlefish gathering in their masses for their annual mating and 'spawn-fest'.
Introductory Rust Diving on the Wreck of the Malabar
by Simon added 2006-08-21
Around 7:00am on Thursday, April 2, 1931, a dense fog suddenly rolled into Long Bay, obscuring the northern headland. On the bridge of MV Malabar, en-route from Melbourne to Sydney, Captain George Leslie recognised the danger and ordered 5 degrees rudder to steer the ship seaward to pass further offshore than his original plan of half a mile.
Diving in paradise at Toberua, Fiji
by BecS added 2006-08-08
Our hosts greeted us warmly at the jetty. Both Kit and I were still jetlagged and slightly overwhelmed at the welcome. A small kava ceremony was given to us and after a brief tour and chat we made our way to dress for dinner.
Sharks in the Fairy Bower
by Simon added 2006-07-17
The seas were angry on Saturday, my friends! Big seas rolling in from the south ruled out diving Freshwater Beach (one of my favourite Northern Beaches dives), so we opted for the old faithful of Shelly Beach instead.
On-board Odyssea I in North Sulawesi
by Wandy Hochgrebe added 2006-07-13
Friends and colleagues envied us for going diving in North Sulawesi, but let me tell you: 11 days with Bob Whorton on a boat is hard work. Especially when he convinces you that visiting a karaoke bar in the midst of the city of Bitung, Sulawesi is a great idea.
Gangga Island Sulawesi - Diving in Paradise
by Wandy Hochgrebe added 2006-07-08
Imagine paradise: blue skies, amazing food, flowers, happy people, world class diving, smiles all round, a bit of pampering and a wet-edge pool looking out over the volcanoes on the North-Sulawesi mainland.
What Midlife Crisis?
by Ric Mingramm added 2006-06-26
When last I corresponded I was venturing into heady world of Dive Mastering. Time, work and the ubiquitous search for a mate has absorbed way too much time to have gained these qualifications to date.
Turning the Tide
by Melanie Young added 2006-06-08
When Sacha, scientist and champion free diver, got together with Argentinean photographer, Alejandro Rolandi, they started developing a scenario to bring the hidden world of shark nets out of the water and into the public eye and hopefully the public conscience.
Hell hath no fury like a Princess Challenged
by Ric Mingramm added 2006-06-08
For those that have followed my ramblings over the years, you will know that I have a varied scuba career and now find myself tinkering on the dark side ~ learning technical diving...
Diving the Solomons
by Zoe added 2006-06-08
This was Scuba Zones, Toowoomba's leading dive shop, third trip to the beautiful Solomon Islands.
Tassie Divers to converge on Bicheno!