Mating Mandarinfish

Mating Mandarinfish

Mating Mandarinfish

After waiting on the reef in the diminishing light of evening, we were rewarded to see Mandarinfish mating. In this photo you can see the female releasing the eggs. Shot with a Canon 50D, 60mm macro lens, Nexus housing and twin Inon Z240 strobes - and a very patient local dive guide with a small torch. Lembeh Strait, Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Photocomp March '09 - Open


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Wakatobi Dive Resort Wakatobi Dive Resort
Wakatobi Dive Resort has some of the most pristine reefs in Indonesia at its doorstep. Protected by their Collaborative Reef Conservation Program, Wakatobi is the #1 choice for sophisticated divers.


A Turtle Nursery At WakatobiA Turtle Nursery At Wakatobi
Sea Turtles can live to be 100 years old, but most donít survive their first few days. In the wild, the tiny hatchlings typically encounter a gauntlet of predators as they hatch and make their way from beachside nests to open water, and they remain especially vulnerable those first few months of life. When nature is in balance, this attrition is a normal part of the circle of life. But when turtles become threatened by factors such as habitat loss, or predators like fish and birds, they may need a little extra help to maintain a normal population. This is where Wakatobi Dive Resort has stepped in.
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