Home Alone

Home Alone

Home Alone

This tiny black damsel was all alone ... keeping watch in his golden castle. Shot in the Nursery at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay, Australia. Nikon D70 w/105mm and single Ikelite strobe.
Photocomp December ’05 - Open


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Australian Divemaster Academy Australian Divemaster Academy
PADI and SSI-accredited - participants can enter the program with little or no diving experience and in just ten weeks hold an internationally recognized divemaster certification.


Using my Tokina 10–17mm Fisheye lensUsing my Tokina 10–17mm Fisheye lens
I had only just booked a trip to Vanuatu to dive the President Coolidge ... and I thought “That’s it! I need that lens for the Vanuatu trip” ......
Underwater Card 2