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Heron Island Bliss - a Family Diving Holiday
by Wandy Hochgrebe added 2010-10-20
A place like Heron Island is a great destination for families by offering a variety of activities all throughout the day, catering to people of all ages and interests. One can do a single boat dive and be back to spend the rest of the day exploring the island with or without expert staff, read books, hang by the pool or at the end of the day join the sunset cruise. There is plenty of time to relax and no worries about having to get any chores done.
11 Sharks You Should Know About This Summer
by Wandy Hochgrebe added 2010-10-06
Sharks have long been feared by people. Monsters that appear from the depths of the sea and take life after life, sentiments that have been enhanced by movies such as 'Jaws'. Sharks are efficient predators no doubt, their senses and hunting strategies refined over the long time they have inhabited the seas.
Mon Repos Turtle Rookery
by SeannaC added 2010-09-01
Just 15km east of Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia one of nature’s great events takes place. Each year, Loggerhead, Green and Flat-back turtles lay their eggs in the safety of the sand at Mon Repos Beach....
A new way of living underwater - Habitat Waterford
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2010-08-30
At first it seems like a very hippy-like idea and really fits into our part of the world, as does the Dome Shell factory. However, on further investigation, the instigator, Shaun Waterford, seemed more down to earth than expected and I decided to take a look for myself.
Winners of the 1st Underwater Australasia Video Competition 2009-10
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2010-08-27
Underwater Australasia's 1st annual Video Competition has just come to an end and prizes were announce in the months underwater eNEWS. The task was to produce videos not longer than 3 minutes with a minimum of 80% of the clip duration underwater.
Get ready for the 5th Underwater Festival™ - The Australasia Challenge
by Wandy Hochgrebe added 2010-08-20
The 2011 Underwater Festival™ breaks new ground in underwater shootout competitions. UF11 will feature a photo and video shootout competition that happens simultaneously all over Australasia. 25 countries spanning both hemispheres - every dive site you can imagine will be a shootout locality, every dive centre, liveaboard, dive resort in the area will be part this new kind of shootout.
The 4th Underwater Festival - 2010 The Christmas Island Experience
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2010-05-10
The 2010 Underwater Festival was co-organised with the Christmas Island Tourism Association. Linda Cash, staff members and local volunteers put in a fantastic effort and succeeded gloriously in providing a welcoming atmosphere, great food and social events and a seamless festival for all 34 participants.
My National Geographic Diving Day
by splasch added 2010-03-12
Ever felt like you were diving in the pages of a National Geographic magazine? Well that's how I felt last Sunday on Christmas Island ...
Diving Raja Ampat - The Resort Experience in Misool
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2010-02-28
In 2004, a group of Europeans set up a resort in the middle of nowhere about four hours by speedboat from Sorong, West Papua. Batbitem, an island near the Fiabacet-Boo chain in the southeast Misool area of Raja Ampat was to be the new 'Eden'.
Diving Raja Ampat - The Liveaboard Experience
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2010-02-10
Diving Raja Ampat - an area in West Papua in far Eastern Indonesia - has been on our list of 'must-do' trips for a long time....
The Dragon Seamoth
by Allister Lee added 2010-02-02
We saw the Dragon Sea Moth (Eurypegasus draconis) at a dive site at Mabul Island. Ribbon Valley to be exact. I took a few shots of this cool little fish a week ago and it is still around now.
The Lure of the Deep
by Andy Taylor added 2009-10-21
It's a rare diver amongst us that has not felt the urge to stray that little deeper on a dive, the temptations of that rare aquatic encounter just that little further below you.
Sensational Sipadan
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2009-10-03
As the plane takes off from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau I think of one of my favourite songs by Australian singer songwriter Cristine Anu 'The monkey and the turtle' ... that is where we are heading, the island of the turtles and the land of the men of the forest, the Orang-Utans of Borneo.
When Titan's Attack - What Every Underwater Photographer Should Know
by JasonH added 2009-09-28
Most underwater photographers who have spent any time in the Indo Pacific have come across the very photogenic Titan Triggerfish.
Attention All Divers! - ARKive needs your images
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2009-09-23
ARKive is calling on divers and underwater photographers for their help in gathering images of all the world's threatened marine animals and plants.
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